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Consensus Radiology and Medical Malpractice Cases

In medical malpractice cases, there are often two experts, one on each side of the case. However, one is further from the truth. Consensus Radiology offers blind independent review by 10 different board-certified radiologists who review the examination, which has been disguised and inserted into their daily work flow. The radiologists do not realize that the examination in question is the subject of litigation. Consensus Radiology is a helpful tool to counter the claim that radiology expert witnesses are biased when reviewing radiology studies that are the subject of malpractice claims. Our Blind Panel Review aims to solve this problem, while improving expert witness credibility in supporting or defending the case merit. The 10 readers are presented with the same information as the initial reader had, and view the study on diagnostic monitors as part of their daily workflow. This simple tool is a cost effective way to create an exhibit that a jury will understand. For inquiries and to set up a Consensus Review please contact: DrDan@bayviewradiology.com.

Consensus Radiology and Clinical Work

Our insurance system does not afford compensation for more than one reader to review a live clinical case. Although occasional institutions have two readers signing off the same case, generally medicolegal issues prevent more than one radiologist from reading a clinical case, because should a misread occur, the plaintiff attorney has two targets instead of one. The effect of consensus for a misread such as a false negative is not a sufficient deterrent from mounting a case, since an expert can almost always be found to offer opinions that there was a violation of standard care. How do we solve this issue, allow patients to benefit from a Consensus Radiology approach, while not increasing exposure or deepness of pockets in the event of a misread? The solution is quite simple.

Patients who would like Consensus approach are welcome to sign our Consensus Consent waiving the doctor-patient relationship for all the ancillary readers except for one. Implied in the consent is that management decisions should not be made on the basis of the additional reads, and the patient agrees not to bring action against the additional readers give they are non-clinical. Please note that reimbursement for this type of service is not provided by most insurance companies since this is an outside the box option, and must be provided by the patient. However, the piece of mind of having multiple readers agree with the initial report is helpful to the patient. We offer a 2nd opinion, 3rd opinions, 4th opinions, etc. up to 10 different radiologists, with each opinion requiring an additional fee. This is a boutique luxury radiology concierge service for those who are interested. For inquiries and to set up a Consensus Review and for rates please contact: DrDan@bayviewradiology.com.

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