Insurance card and Picture ID. Bring Previous Studies – It is very important to compare current studies to previous studies, we ask that you bring any previous imaging studies you have had, especially if they were done at another facility. If you are having a Contrast examination, please bring a list of all medications you are currently taking. Dress in comfortable clothing without any metal, such as zippers or snaps.
To insure that your claim will be paid, we will verify your benefits with your insurance company and work with your physician’s office to obtain any necessary pre-authorization or pre-certification. Following the appointment, we will file the claim with your health insurance company.


A MRI scan requires that you relax and lie still for approximately 20 minutes per exam. The examination is divided into parts called sequences that are typically only several minutes each so you can scratch an itch, etc between each sequences if the need arises, talk to or get more information from our technologist. If contrast is given or multiple exams are being performed, more time may be needed. All of our MRI technologists are very sensitive to any concerns that you may have and will do their utmost to accommodate any special needs that you may have during the exam and to treat you with the utmost of care and accommodation.
Absolutely not! MRI machines are not the same. There are basically 3 types of MRI machines.

1.Closed MRI (old technology),

2.Open MRI (subsequent technology),

3.Hybrid MRI (Latest technology – Best of 1 and 2).

Bayviewr Radiology has the Hybrid High Field MRI System

Closed MRI / High Field (old technology) – With a Closed MRI system the magnet strength and the quality of the MRI images were very high.

The problem with this type of system was that it was extremely uncomfortable for the patient. Patients felt like they were confined to a very tight and restricted space.

(High Quality + Low Comfort = Happy Doctor, Unhappy Patient) Open MRI (subsequent technology) – With an Open MRI system the magnet strength and the quality of the MRI images are very poor compared to a closed system.

However with the open architecture of this type of system, patients felt more comfortable. Many times an Open MRI exam will have to be repeated on a higher quality system due to the low quality images from an Open MRI.

Most all insurance companies will not pay for the second MRI. (Low Quality + High Comfort = Unhappy Doctor, Initially Happy Patient)
Hybrid MRI (Latest technology) – With a Hybrid MRI system, the magnet strength and the quality of the MRI images are very high. The architecture of our Hybrid MRI system allows patients to feel very comfortable.

The diameter of the opening is the largest in the industry. It also has a short bore which means that the whole body does not need to be in the machine; just the area being scanned. With this type of system you get the best of both worlds and at no additional cost to you! (High Quality + High Comfort = Happy Doctor and Happy Patient)
Absolutely. Not only will the open architecture offer you a more comfortable experience, we also offer Sedation as well as Hypnosis for those who request it.
The only preparation needed is if you are having IV contrast (dye), in which case you should not eat for several hours prior to your exam. Our staff will provide you with specific instructions at the time you schedule your appointment.
Removing metal objects is for safety reasons and because they can cause artifacts to appear on the MRI image.
As a rule, no. However, please be sure to notify our technologist of any prior surgeries before your exam.
MRI is a very safe diagnostic procedure. There have been no health risks associated with the magnetic field or the radio waves used by the machine and there is no radiation (X-rays) being produced with an MRI examination.
While an MRI scan has no known side effects, it is not recommended for pregnant women unless it is medically indicated. If you are breastfeeding and have contrast as part of your exam, please suspend nursing for 24 hours after your exam.
The MRI scanner works with strong magnetic fields that build up energy. The energy is released as loud knocking sounds. Our technologist will offer you a set of ear plugs to make your exam more comfortable.


Very low radiation dosage in x-ray, as well as Multislice CT scans and fluoroscopy, make them extremely safe as diagnostic procedures.
Should your exam require a contrast, some prep may be required. Our staff will inform you if prep is required when you schedule your appointment.


Sound travels through fluid, so the bladder acts as an acoustic window to see the pelvic structure
When you eat, drink, or even chew gum, you introduce air into the stomach and bowel. Sound waves do not penetrate air, making it harder to see the target organs. Food can also make your gallbladder contract, making it harder to image.
To date, there have been no proven ill effects from conducting regular ultrasound exams on pregnant women
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