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It is paramount for attorneys and their law firms to develop a relationship with a trustworthy radiology center with the most advanced imaging. At BayView, we have decades of experience working with Personal Injury and Worker Compensation attorneys.

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Spinal comparison

Our radiologists have amassed a considerable experience working as expert witnesses, and understand the important implications of reporting so that we can ensure it is high quality and appropriate for your needs. Attorney preferences for the Reading Radiologist are also honored so that we can better tailor our studies to your firm’s needs. All our radiologists are always available to attorneys by phone and even call to answer questions regarding your examination.

We offer same-day turnaround, and even ready-made exhibits to be included together with your examination report. 3D exhibits are also available and can have a higher ability to illustrate than traditional 2D images.

It is difficult to make a case when pathology is not as readily apparent. The technique is of paramount importance, and experienced attorneys already realize that not all MRI examinations are the same. Similarly, not all radiology reports are the same.

BayView Radiology MRI slices are thinner than competitors, down to 2 -3 mm slice thickness through the disc spaces with a more focused field of view. Other MRI scans have 4 to 5 mm slice thickness which results in 3 times less images and “skip” spaces. Therefore, our images are more sensitive for small tears and have overall superior image quality. At BayView Radiology, our MRIs have no skip spaces, smaller slices, at least twice as many images, and superior quality as compared to other centers.

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